Gigi and Pops visit


Over the last several weeks, my mom and dad were up here visiting! We had a fun time hanging out, listening to all of Madelyn's new words, trying to teach Theo how to walk, going to the zoo, 4th of July party, reading, getting Madelyn's haircut and EATING!! Tim and I were able to go out a lot...thanks Gigi and Pops for babysitting!! Here are some pictures that captured the visit...

Pops and Theo at 4th of July, Pops with MJ on the carousel at the zoo, Gigi with MJ on the carousel, Gigi and MJ before her 2nd haircut

Gigi with both babies, Tim, Pops and Theo at Beth's Cafe

Thanks for visiting! It was great to have you here AND to have the extra hands around the house!


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Rae Ann said...

We loved it! As always, just too many tears when we had to leave! (As always!)

Gigi and Pops