Chelan Vacation


This past week, Tim, the kids and I have been over in Chelan (in Eastern Washington).  We left Sunday after lunch.  The kids took turns napping in the car.  Neither one at the same time.  But nonetheless, the drive was beautiful.  Love driving through the mountains!

The babies are ready to watch "Blue" (Monsters, Inc)

We stopped at Sonic on our way in town :), ended up getting in Chelan late Sunday evening, put the kids down and I went to grab some groceries. 

In her big bed!

Monday we swam at the pool all morning, ate lunch, then the kids napped until about dinner time.  Ate dinner, went down to the lake to stick our feet in, played at the playground, got a sno cone, then went back to the condo to put the kids down.  Theo's been going right to sleep, but the sun shines in Madelyn's window so she hasn't gone down until the sun has.  Then she gets up when the sun's up.  Needless to say, not much sleeping in for us, but guess it just gives us more time to play!  And good thing I got a big bag of coffee at the store!

Both kids first time swimming. Madelyn loved it! Theo was you can see...he's pretty comfortable lounging by the pool!

Tuesday morning, both kids got up early, so we decided to put them down for a little morning nap.  Theo still needs one anyway.  After that, we went back down to the pool to swim, ate lunch at a local mexican place, then the kids napped.  Woke up, ate dinner, back down to the pool, then back to sleep for the night.

Wednesday, we headed to the water park in town (didn't bring the camera or phones in...sorry, no pics!) They have a section for 2 and under so we stayed there most of the time.  Madelyn loved it!  Did not want to leave.  Theo wasn't so sure at first, but was splashing around by the time we left.  Naps in the afternoon, dinner and we stayed home for the night. 

Playing at the condo!

Thursday morning we cleaned things up because some more friends were staying there this weekend.  Ate lunch, went to Sonic again :) and headed home.
A good week away.  

View from the condo balcony :)


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Rae Ann said...

So glad you all had fun! Looks like Madelyn did enjoy the water...Theo will to, give him a little time:) the view was beautiful for sure!