The past couple weeks have been pretty busy for us. We've had playgroup, appointments, church activities, and Tim has switched his schedule up a bit. He's now working 2 Saturdays a month and staying home 2 Thursdays a month. He is at the church 2 Saturday mornings a month anyway for band practice. Now he's just staying through the afternoon so he can stay home with the babies a little more. Our first time doing this was last week and it seemed to go well for all!

We had playgroup at a sprinkler park last Monday and Madelyn loved it. Seriously. She did not want to come out of the sprinklers to eat lunch. And she loves to eat. Guess she loves the water better. Definitely her mothers child! She had some tears when I had to tear her away to eat and then go home for nap time. I told her we'd go back with daddy. I know he would love to watch her play.

Yesterday, the church staff and spouses (as many that could go) went out on a friends boat over to Kingston. It was a lot of fun to spend time with everyone outside of the church! We're hoping to do more of this! Grandma Izzy or "E" as Madelyn calls her, stayed with the babies while Tim and I were soaking up some sun. Next time, I need to remember to re-apply sunscreen throughout the day. I now have a nice red nose and forehead! 


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