MJ Update


Madelyn has changed A LOT in the past couple months.  She is doing so many new things and developing a cute, little personality.  Becoming more determined and yes, stubborn, like her mommy.

-She moved into a toddler bed about a month ago.  The first night she got out and played for awhile.  Tim eventually put her back down around 9 and she fell to sleep.  Ever since then, she's been pretty good about staying in bed.  Not always going right to sleep, but she'll sing and talk to herself til she does.

 First night in her big girl bed

Loving the new artwork on her wall

-Talking non-stop.  This started a couple weeks ago.  All the sudden she started repeating everything we said.  She normally calls Theo "Bubba", but she's now saying his name.  It's so cute.

Attempting to watch Daniel Tiger together

-She's getting her 2 year molars in.  Which has been tons of fun..ha!  Becoming such a big girl.

-Still taking a nap in the afternoon.  Typically between 2-3 hours.  Depends on what she does in the morning.  Gets up around 8:30-9 in the morning.  Such a good sleeper....well, except on vacation!

-Potty trained during the day, still wears a diaper during nap and nighttime.  The nap diaper will probably be able to stop pretty soon.

-Does not like when she doesn't get her way.  Just like her mommy.  Her favorite words are "no" and "go".  Doesn't like sitting at stop lights or stop signs.

-Favorite TV show is still "Daniel Tigers Neighborhood" on PBS kids.

-Being such a good big sister to Theo.  She plays with him and is teaching him how to use his walker and play with all the toys.

In their new wagon from Michelle

Hanging out with Gigi

"dot-dots" on her toes like mommy!

Love you baby girl!


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