Life Updates


I mentioned in a post a few months ago that we have a few updates.  The first happened in August..yes, I know that was 4 months ago.  I was on my way home from a shopping center and got rear ended getting off the highway.  Not one, but 2 cars hit me.  Nothing like getting hit when you're stopped.  My first accident and it shook me up pretty bad.  I had a couple months of physical therapy for my neck and back.  Still in some pain, but hoping it will get better.  My highlander was totaled.  But thankfully, we were able to buy a car from a family member.  Thanks to John (hi John!) for helping Tim and Theo pick it up!

I've added a few more post from late October and November if you haven't seen them yet:
Theo's 4 1/2 Year Update, Thanksgiving, Tom & Izzy's Visit, Halloween

Another update is I've started nannying a friend's baby.  Oh my word, he's so cute.  And good.  Really good.  Mom has him on a schedule which helps me out a lot.
We went to the adoption agency in Knoxville back in July - the same one we partnered with in Seattle, but they do things a little different here with fostering.  Right now we're praying about what route to go.  We're still getting into the swing of things here, I know it's been almost a year, but it's been a pretty rough one - personally, mentally, financially - and we're just trying to seek God's will first and not ours.
In the meantime, this nanny job fell in my lap.  It's not everyday, which I like so I can spend some one on one time with bub while sis is at school.  But when I do have baby Huxley, the kids eat him up.  He's 5 months so still sleeps most of the day, but when he's awake, they are all over that kid.  We weren't sure how they would do, Theo especially, with another kid in the house, but he's all about it.

Other than that, the kids wrapped up fall soccer about a month ago.  Madelyn is still doing dance once a week and loving it.  She has a Christmas recital next week, but then her big recital in the spring.  We've had some new neighbors move in and the daughter is in Madelyn's class at school.  They have become fast friends.  I started BSF at a local church.  It's definitely a time commitment, but worth it.  Lots of homework, but been good to meet women outside the church.

I've been blessed with a pretty solid group of gals to hang out with from church.  Thankful for our new friendships.

Housewarming for Rachel
 Shopping day!
girls night at Wasabi

And here are a handful of pictures from the past few weeks...

neighbor Baylee and Madelyn a few weeks ago before dance

 we all sang together a couple weeks ago
 before the bus came to pick her up
 another before bus pic-she wanted a pic of her with the sunrise
 decorating the tree

Thank you for your continued prayers.  We've definitely felt them over this past year and appreciate them.  Praying for a fantastic Christmas season celebrating our Lord's birth!


Indie Grace said...

I've been waiting for more posts...especially of Tim and Izzy's visit! I kinda miss their faces, too. Nice reminders of Seattle. I get to see you tomorrow night. Can't wait!

Indie Grace said...

That was supposed to say Tom not Tim. Stupid autocorrect.