Weekly Roundup


Mom {Gigi} came in town last week to visit.  She picked a great week to visit...at least 2 of us were sick and another bit the dust yesterday.  I was diagnosed with strep the day before she arrived and Theo a few days after.  Needless to say, the house smelled like a lysol factory for the week.  Madelyn got the sickness yesterday...and pink eye.  Thankful she was here to help out!  Once I started feeling better, Tim and I were able to get out for a couple date nights. 

Tim has been teaching Theo a little bit of drumming.  And I might be bias, but he's already good!!

eating lunch with Gigi or "Gig" as Madelyn calls her

We also got a special visit from Tee and her brother John!  So good to see them...hopefully a longer visit next time!  And Tee left some special presents.

Night out seeing Natalie Grant & Danny Gokey

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Anonymous said...

Gigi loved every minute!!! Even through the Lysol spray:)