Summer Fun


The week after my parents had the kids, we had all sorts of fun.  First off, we headed to the zoo with playgroup.  The kids love the splash pad there.  And I do too because it has some shade and the perfect place to sit and eat snacks or lunch!

We spent some time at our friend's pool.  Both kids love jumping off the side!

Last year we went to Chick-fil-a for "Dress Up like a Cow" day...and decided to do it again this year!  Didn't have the best costumes ha, but they worked.  Maybe next year we'll amp it up!

A friend from church took the kids to Rainforest Adventure close to Pigeon Forge.  They had a fun time seeing animals and getting an icee on the way home.  Thank you Miss Judy and Joseph!

The puppies got their haircut.  My cute furry babies.

Friday of that week, my friend Brandy was up in Louisville, KY for a conference.  I was able to head up there and meet her for lunch at our favorite place, Panera.  I discovered I really like books on tape.  Makes the time pass quickly!  I sure miss this friend.

Then on Saturday, we were off to the lake again!  Thankful for time with friends.  Again, the kids were jumping on and off the boat.  At least I didn't lose my sunglasses this time around!

Sunday night we were able to experience our first lake baptism.  It was so special.  The kids asked all sorts of questions and were taking it all in.

Such a fun summer so far! 

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