Last week, Tim was at a worship conference in Gatlinburg, TN all week.  The kids and I stayed busy while he was gone.  Monday morning we went to exercise, then came home for me to teach a piano lesson while the kids got haircuts.  I teach our friend Lola and her mom cuts our hair.  Thankful she cuts the kids hair while I teach!  That night we played and ate dinner at home.  I had a meeting later on that evening at the house after the kiddos went down for bed.

Tuesday morning, we got up and headed down to World's Fair Park for playgroup.  The kids loved playing in the spray park next to the Sunsphere.  The past few times we've been down there, the water hasn't been on.

After playgroup, we packed up and headed to see Tim in Gatlinburg.  First thing the kids did when they got in the hotel room...jump on the beds.  And yes, I let them.

After some bed jumping, we headed to the swimming pool.  We swam for a couple hours then headed downtown.  We saw the Gatlinburg Space Needle...or Space Noodle as Theo calls it.  We decided not to correct him because it was so cute.  We ended up going on the lift up the mountain.  I thought the kids might be a little afraid, but they weren't at all!  Yay for kids who like heights!

We ate some mexican for dinner then the kids and Tim shared some shaved ice.

That night there was a concert at the conference.  We all went over there for awhile, the kids enjoyed it for about an hour but then were ready to head to bed.  Tim took them back to the hotel and got them showered and in bed while I stayed for the rest of the concert.  One of my favorites, Meredith Andrews, was last in concert that night.  She was so good.  I really enjoyed it!

in front of the bear at the convention center

This was the kids first night staying in a hotel.  It took them awhile to go to sleep, but we learned if we don't acknowledge they're still awake and talk to them, they fall right to sleep!  Ha!
The next morning we woke up and ate some pancakes and eggs for breakfast at a restaurant close by, then the kids swam a little more before Tim had to get back to the conference.

We got back in time Wednesday for the kids to take a nap and then head to Summer Wave at church while I attended our Parenting Class.

Thursday morning, we headed to exercise again, then met some friends at our neighbor's pool to swim.  I don't know what got into Theo at the pool, but he decided he was finally brave enough to jump off the side by himself.  He then proceeded to do it over and over and over again.  For the next 2 hours.  So proud of my big boy.

After a good nap that day, Madelyn had a piano lesson.  We started a couple weeks ago and she's taken to it really well.  I wasn't sure how she would do with me teaching her, but I was pleasantly surprised.  

After her piano lesson, they requested McDonald's for dinner and to play in the play place.  So off we went.  Then I headed to try barre class with some friends.

Tim surprised us and came home late Thursday night!  Friday morning, some friends were already planning to take the kids to Loyston point.  The kids had so much fun.  Thanks Judy and Nova!

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Indie Grace said...

Love seeing the pictures of you guys. Theo's impression of the bear is perfection. Hope to be seeing you in August...hint, hint.