Theo's Nursery


Well, besides a few minor things, we're finished with Theo's nursery!  We finished Friday night before Madelyn's party so our guests could see it.  Here are some pics...

Theo sticker..from Etsy!

Mobile-made by yours truly =)

The glider will go here in a couple weeks

Frames to put pics and drawings in

The doggies were a little sleepy...this is MJ's new chair.  We'll put it in her room in a couple weeks.

30 Week Pic before Madelyn's Party

I didn't get a pic of the bedding yet.  We still need a mattress pad before putting on the sheets.

That's it for now!


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Rae Ann said...

looking good!!! We are now waiting for the arrival of our #1 grandson:) Gigi and Pops