1st Birthday Party


Madelyn's 1st birthday party was on St. Patrick's Day.  Her birthday is today, but we thought Saturday would be a better option that a Tuesday.

We decided to have all her babysitters come.  We are blessed to have so many people who care for who while Tim and I are gone.  We love all of them and Madelyn does too.

I'll show you her party in pictures...

Cake/card table
MJ's "smash" cake
Cupcakes for everyone else
Monthly birthday sign
Doggies eagerly awaiting everyone's arrival (sorry the pic is dark!)
Fruit kabobs (Tim made these)
Mom, MJ and Dad
Eating her lunch
Some of the guests
More of the guests
Auntie Heather and MJ

Mrs. Lynn and MJ
Singing "Happy Birthday"
Diving right in!
Yum, pretty good!
The crown had to come off...
Opening some gifts
Into more presents!
Playing with the kitchen from her Mimi and Papa

She had such a great time!  Thanks to all who came!


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Rae Ann said...

What a sweet 1 year old! We love you Madelyn...so glad you have so many people that love and help take care of you!!!! Mommy and Daddy did a good job on the decorations:) Gigi and Pops