Port Ludlow


This past weekend our family went on a mini-vacation before Theo gets here over to Port Ludlow.  We left the doggies with babysitters Tina and John.  Thank you for watching them!  Port Ludlow is a tiny, tiny town across the water on the Olympic Peninsula..on your way to Forks..where the vampires live.  We stayed at a resort there.  Pretty much the only place in the town.  It was very quiet, which is what we needed.  Tim took a week off work to get caught up on some school work and hang out with us before life gets even crazier.  I had to work on Thursday and Friday so we left on Saturday and got home yesterday (my bday! =)

Madelyn had her first ferry ride.  It was a little cold so we didn't stay out in the wind too long, but she loves being outside in the wind sticking her tongue out.  She also enjoyed looking out the window watching the waves go by.  We were hoping for a relaxing trip, but with an almost 1 year old...that doesn't quite happen.  We think she liked getting away and hanging out with mom and dad for the weekend, but she is very much a homebody.  Loves her own bed and doggies.  When we brought her home from the hospital we immediately put her in her own room.  Our rooms aren't very far away from each other and I wasn't nursing so we thought it be best just to bite the bullet and start this way from the beginning.  So glad we did.  She has been a fabulous sleeper...we are extremely blessed by this.  We've only slept in the same room as MJ twice since she's been born.  This was when we were visiting my parents down in Arkansas for my brothers wedding.  We stayed at a friends house in the town where the wedding was and MJ stayed in a port-a-crib at the foot of our bed.  She's a very loud sleeper, talks in her sleep...and needless to say I could not sleep at all.  It happened again this weekend.  The hotel provided a crib for her, but she talked/squeaked again all night so it was really hard for me to sleep the first night.  It also took her awhile to get to sleep since she knew we were in the same room with her.  We're those parents that let her cry for awhile when we first brought her home.  Again, so glad we did because now she can put herself to sleep and doesn't need us to hold her until she falls asleep.  So when she wouldn't go down we really didn't know what to do since we haven't had this problem before.  She cried a little and eventually fell asleep, but I'm sure our hotel neighbors didn't like it.  It's just a good thing her bedtime is at 7pm and not 10pm! Or they really wouldn't like it! ha! 

During the day she did great.  We were traveling to and from places during most of her naps so she slept in the car and this morning she slept great for her nap in the hotel while Tim studied and I read a little....and watched HGTV.  We don't have cable at home anymore so I was taking advantage of it!  MJ is such a good kid.  Has eaten all the food we've offered, is pretty well-behaved at restaurants, and can for the most part play well by herself..unless she's super tired...then she gets a little cranky.  But don't we all.

It was a nice weekend away and so glad we did it.

However, we've decided we won't be traveling much with the kiddos...just day trips!  We want to take a relaxing trip with the two of us after Theo is born and Tim has finished up his first semester of seminary =).  We'll travel some more when the kids get older...and can walk, ha!

Now, here are some pictures...

Tim and MJ on the ferry

Megan and MJ on the ferry

Hanging out in Port Ludlow-it was really cold and windy!

The Resort

And as I mentioned earlier yesterday was my birthday.  All I asked Tim to get me was a big cookie cake...that I didn't have to share..ha!  Remember, I am pregnant! =)  So he and Madelyn ran to the mall while I taught a lesson and picked this up for me...so yummy...

We had nice weather the whole weekend...and then this is what we came home to...

SNOW! (this is after it was mostly melted)



Rae Ann said...

Glad you could get away! You are SO lucky to have such a good baby. Madelyn Joy is such a 'joy' to us. They will only be little for a short time, enjoy every minute. Gigi and Pops

The Hunter Family said...

We aren't doing much traveling either until the boys are older for the same reasons! Once a year we go to the ocean with the family for the weekend, but not counting those we have only taken 2 trips with Shaun and none yet with both. Those were both to visit Bill's family in different places. On the 2nd trip we drove to Montana, Shaun slept so good in tbe car that we could NOT get him to go to sleep in our hotel room the first night. Also it being a weird place didn't help either and in the same room as us! Bill was ready to pack up and go home at about 2am after we had just gotten there at 6pm, but he finally somehow went to sleep. (The rest of the week was much better because we ran him ragged with no nap! :) He was almost 2.5.

We are looking forward to someday being able to go on family vacations!!! So, don't feel like you are the only one.

Glad you guys got away and had a good time considering!