Madelyn: 12 Months


12 Months!  Happy 1st Birthday baby girl!!

-You have definitely changed our lives this year, for the better!

-You weigh 20lbs 8oz and are 29in tall. You've come a long way from the little 5 lb. newborn you were!

-You are in size 3 diapers with a box of size 4 on the way.  You are now wearing all 12 month clothes.  We'll switch you to 18 month pajamas soon.  You're getting long!

-You are officially a crawler, but haven't really figured out the "power" you have.  You normally go about 4 steps and then sit and find something to play with where you are.  You have yet to try to pull objects off shelves, etc.  We're definitely okay with this!

-You still love walking with us.  So very proud of yourself.

-Still such a good eater.  We did discover you don't like spinach by itself-I think it's a little too hard to chew.  But you will eat it mixed with other food.  So, you're still getting it!  Other than that, you continue eating everything we put in front of you.

-You started drinking whole milk out of a sippy cup about a week ago.  We first gave it to you out of a cup with a straw, but you liked blowing bubbles to much.  So we switched to a normal sippy.  You still drink your water out of a cup with a straw with no problems.

-Still sleeping pretty well.  You learned to go from all fours to sitting up. Now you like to do this in your crib, but you can't figure out how to lay back down yet.  We have to let you cry a little to get back to sleep, but you'll learn eventually!  The time change didn't really effect your sleeping habits.  Going down at around 6:45pm and waking up between 7:30-8am.  2 naps during the day, morning at around 9:30am and afternoon at about 1:30pm.

-You helped mommy celebrate her 28th birthday earlier this month.

-2 bottom teeth still.  We can't feel anymore coming in, but you are a drooling machine.

-This past Sunday, we had to stay home from church for the first time since you've been born.  You woke up with 100 degree temp, congested and lots of coughing.  You're still feeling pretty crummy, but thankfully your temp has gone down.

-You love playing in Theo's room.  Taking all his blankets out of the basket and covering yourself up.  You think it's so funny!

-We had your 1st birthday party this past Saturday.  You were such a good girl and had so many fun people around to help you celebrate.  And you discovered your love for chocolate.  You are definitely mommy's girl! =)

-You are becoming much more cuddly.  Mommy and daddy are both loving this!

Waking up from a nap
 After bath time-which you LOVE!
Having fun!
Fridays with daddy!  You and crazy Daisy in the crib!
More playing
Dinner at Red Robin with Grandma Izzy and Grandpa Tom
 12 Months!
Last year and this year...

We love you so much baby girl!

-Mommy and Daddy

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Rae Ann said...

You have given Gigi and Pops 12 months of love for our #1 grand-daughter!! We love you honey.

Gigi and Pops