It's a.............


Tim and I found out yesterday we're having a baby BOY!  We are extremely excited to have one of each.  The ultrasound tech also said everything looks perfect and still right on target for his May due date.  Yea!  We're still thinking about a name, but have narrowed it down to several instead of the list of 20 I had.

We went to Hallmark after the ultrasound and found the same thing we bought for Madelyn last year, but this one says "It's a Boy".  Then we went to Shari's to eat some breakfast.  We've done this after big baby appt.'s since we found out about Madelyn as well.

And because I love whale's we decided to buy this card as well



Rae Ann said...

oh my!!! We are VERY excited Madelyn is going to be a big sister to a little brother:) We are so glad he is healthy and everything looks perfect!! God is so good. Give our 'little baby girl' a kiss from us.

Gigi and Pops (Uncle Wade too...He can't wait to introduce them to remote control cars and Legos!!)

Anonymous said...

Yahooooooooooooo! A Boy! We are so excited for you both! We know that God has a great plan for this youngman's life! They are already growing up in a strong foundation in Jesus Christ! You both are great parents and know you will model awesome examples to both of them! We are praying for a healthy baby and for you and Tim, as you proceed with this great news! We couldn't be happier!
Love, "Aunt Tina & Uncle John" :)