7 Years


Happy anniversary to my fantastic husband.  I love him and am extremely blessed to have him.  He loves me, his baby girl, baby b and the doggies (even though he might say he gets annoyed with the dogs....I know deep down he really does love them...because right now they are sitting right next to him on the couch =).

Last night we were able to go out and celebrate.  Thanks to our friend, Tina P, for watching Madelyn and the pups!  We went to Olive Garden (complete with free dessert...thanks John!) and then to see Mission Impossible 4.  I've never seen any of the Mission Impossible's so I wasn't so sure what to think, but I loved it!  Growing up with 2 brothers I kind of had to like action movies because that's all they ever wanted to watch.  Now I'm hooked on them.  Love Saving Private Ryan, all the Die Hard's, the Bourne trilogy, Gladiator, etc. etc.  On mine and Tim's first date we went to see Vertical Limit..an action movie.  And yes, I picked it.  Today and tomorrow we're going to have a Mission Impossible marathon.

Here's a picture we took last night at Olive Garden..


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