New Year's


I forgot to post this very cute picture of Madelyn that we took on New Year's Day

I found this onesie at Walmart for a great deal and decided the new baby could wear it on New Year's Eve 2012....get more use out of it!  If you can't read under the 2012 it says "My First New Year's".
Our New Year's Day was very low key.  We went to church that morning and spent the afternoon lounging at home.  Finished watching the Mission Impossible movies.  The last two are the best.  First two, eh, not so good.  I couldn't follow the first one.  I still think you should see the 4th one in the theater.  So good.


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Indie Grace said...

I love the picture. Give my girlie an extra kiss from her auntie. I can't wait to play with her again. Go away snow.