Winter Snowfall


Our first big snowstorm of the year started this past weekend and is still going.  I LOVE snow.  Especially the pretty snow like we get up here in the northwest.  Down in Arkansas/Missouri we got ice; which I'm not a fan of.  It's not pretty, hard to drive in and get off your car....especially when you live in an apartment and don't have a garage...and it's 18 degrees outside!!  The snow up here is fun to build a snowman with and make snowballs.  It'll be a lot of fun when MJ and her brother get old enough to play in the snow, go sledding, build snowmen, snowballs and snow forts. 

For now, Madelyn has enjoyed looking at and eating the snow.  She also loves watching her doggies play and wrestle in the snow.  The doggies love bouncing around and eating the snow.  Tim and I have been trying to use our time wisely by cleaning/re-organizing a lot of our house.  We're cleaning out the office to make room for baby boy's furniture.  This means we threw away a lot of stuff and had to find a place to put everything we needed.  We started by combining our dressers into one (which took quite a while to figure out what we wanted to keep/throw out).  Sold the other dresser on craigslist along with the big desk in our office (well, this one is almost sold!).  We purchased a couple bookshelves to put downstairs around our TV to house some of our books and also got a smaller desk to put in our bedroom.  Tim starts seminary next week so I want him to have a place he can study.  We also moved a couple filing cabinets in there.

Schools around here have been closed all week along with the place where we teach music lessons.  I work Mon. and Tues. teaching lessons so those were cancelled, but I only work on Thurs. and Fri. at my school so I'm hoping we close tomorrow too!  It's suppose to melt tomorrow so I'm guessing we'll just have a 2 hour delay. 

Here are some pictures we snapped Saturday and yesterday...

Happy snow day!


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Rae Ann said...

fun for Madelyn...good all always had a good time when it snowed when you were kids...especially when you could get out of school!!