Dance & Ninja Camp


The kids wanted to try some kind of camp this summer.  When we got back from vacation in Florida and Arkansas, we looked into a few.  Finally decided on dance camp for Madelyn and ninja camp for Theo.

Madelyn's camp was close to Tim's work so he took and picked her up everyday.  Camp lasted most of the day and she LOVED it.  This girl can bust a move anytime.  She met some friends and just had a blast.  Madelyn had a short recital the last day and was so excited.  She did a fantastic job.  Thanks to our friends the Hill's for coming to watch.

Theo was pumped about ninja camp.  It was at his gymnastics place so he was already comfortable there.  His friend Braylin happened to be there as well.  His was in the morning so I was able to spend some one on one time with him in the afternoons.  Love my little dude.

 Treat after camp

Memory matching game - this boy is good!


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