Theodore: 4 Years Old


Theodore Joseph,

Happy 4th birthday baby boy!  You are the sweetest boy and will do anything for anyone.  Especially your sister.  You are extremely giving and generous.  Still love us to hold you and rock you.  Love you bubba!

Here are some of your 4 year old stats:

-You weigh 31 lbs. and are 38.5" tall

-You wear size 9-10 shoe, 4T shirts, 3T pants and PJ's

-Some of your favorite foods are cheese rollups, nachos, fruit, veggie straws, goldfish, cheese crackers and cheese

-Napping most days in the afternoon for around 2 hrs.  Going to bed around 7:30pm and getting up around 8am

-Started weeball a couple months ago.  It's been so fun watching you play!

-You love to talk and talk and talk and seem to have one volume.  We asked you to lower your voice down a little the other day and you said "This is just how I talk, mom."  Guess it is buddy!

-Your favorite shows are "Mickey Mouse Clubhouse", "Paw Patrol", & "Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood"

-Some of your favorite things are:  riding your bike, coloring and cutting paper, singing, playing drums, playing with wiki sticks, play doh, jumping on the trampoline and playing with water

-You have a sweet, kind spirit and we are just so in love with you!

Pictures from the 2nd half of your 3 year old year.  The first half are here








Rae Ann said...

Happy Birthday Theodore! We love more than you'll ever know!! Love, Gigi and Pops

Indie Grace said...

Oh, I just ugly-cried. Tee misses her babies soooo much. Baby Girl's singing and Bubba's reactions...priceless. "Give me five Big Boy!" They are too funny. BTW, where did that girl learn to sing on pitch like that? :-)

Happy Birthday, Bubba. I love you.