Visit from the Fitch's


Our friends, the Fitch's, came to visit last week-they got in the day I got home from Florida.  Jim helped Tim up at the church all week.  Cathy and Anna went up one day to organize music and clean out stuff.  They were such a great help! 

While they were here, we ate some southern food, had a day trip to Nashville and checked out downtown Knoxville.  I had never been to Nashville and they were interested in checking it out so we decided to head that way while the kids were at school.  We checked out downtown by recommendation from a friend.  It was such a nice day!  We walked up and down the strip, ate at Hard Rock Cafe then headed down to Franklin to check out the mall.  After that, we needed to get back to Knoxville for the kids teeball practice...and to avoid traffic! 

The morning before they left, we took them to downtown Knoxville to check out Theo's favorite, the "Sunsphere" and Market Square.  We had some really good southern food down there at Tupelo Honey.  So yummy.  Anna also took some family pictures of us.  She did such a good job.  Thanks Anna!

Downtown Nashville


Cracker Barrel

Tupelo Honey


some family pics

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