Almost the Weekend!


It's Thursday and we're almost to the weekend!  The weekend for us is on Friday and Saturday since Tim works on Sundays.  It's currently snowing, but suppose to warm up starting tomorrow, yay! 

Tuesday and Thursdays the kids have school.  Today I got the phone call that Theo wasn't feeling too hot so I needed to come pick him up.  Which meant, picking Madelyn up at the same time....because I wasn't going back 2 hours later to get her from the same place.  Got there and cue Theo on the floor resting (which he never does!) and a fit from Madelyn because I showed up too early.  Then we get home and Theo heads upstairs to get ready for nap and I hear him scream and say "mommy, I spit"...which means he barfed.  Everywhere.  If you know me, I don't do barf.  It makes me barf.  After I made him sit by the toilet for about 30 minutes making sure he got everything out, he got all tucked in bed and both kids are now out.  I disinfected everything and threw blankets and all objects close to the barf in the washer.  Now I'm drinking some water hoping I don't get sick.  Poor buddy boy.  His teacher said another kid left earlier because he was throwing up.  Hoping he gets better son.

Update on Madelyn - she is doing better, thanks for all your prayers.  Still saying she misses her friends, but I've put up pictures in her room and that's made her feel a little better.  And we got to facetime Logan and Shaun last week.  Thanks Suzanne!!  The kids LOVED seeing you all.  If anyone else ever wants to, let me know. 

Last weekend it was beautiful so we went outside to enjoy some of the weather.

Hi mom

let's pick some flowers

Tim preached on Sunday night

and some lazy time watching shows

Tim and I have also been watching some "Fuller House" - only have a few more episodes left of season 1.  Tonight I'm going to yoga and zumba with some friends then heading to eat some dinner after.  Should be a fun time!

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