Birthday Tea Party


Madelyn had a very sweet tea party for her 5th birthday.  She was soo excited about dressing up fancy and having some of her friends come over.  This was the first birthday we let her have some of her age friends over to celebrate.  Normally it's been our friends that come to her parties :)  We had to limit the number since we were having it at our house and didn't want it to be too overwhelming and crazy.  The girlies came and all sat at our dining table.  They colored princesses, made bracelets, had some not so fancy food of pizza, chips and fruit and an adorable teapot cake that a friend of ours from church made.  She owns a bakery/catering company.  Betty told me it was going to be a teapot, but I didn't know it would look like an actual teapot!  Thanks to all who came out to help us celebrate our special baby girl.

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