My Girl's Birthday Week


Madelyn had such a fun week celebrating her birthday!  It started last Saturday afternoon.  My dear friend Heather (Tee), took baby girl to the movies and McDonald's.  Madelyn LOVED her time with Tee and felt so special and loved.  

On Monday when we woke up, MJ said..."Mommy, it's my birthday on Friday!" (cue cute little grin).  Then Tuesday at dance, they sang happy birthday to her...same thing on Wednesday at MOPS.  She brought cupcakes to Cubbies on Wednesday night to celebrate.  Thursday morning was her big birthday bash at preschool.  She brought her show and tell (her doll, Angie), yummy snacks and was the birthday princess for the morning.  We went out to mexican and ate her favorite, cheese enchiladas, for dinner. 

Friday morning she woke up to balloons and streamers down her door and a cinnamon roll with a candle on top! 

After breakfast, we headed out to get our nails done with our friend Myra.  Myra's birthday is the same day as Madelyn's!  Myra and I got pedicures and my fingernails painted, Madelyn got her fingernails and toenails painted.  She loved all the attention and getting pretty pink nails. 

After getting pampered, we headed to the dentist.  You're thinking...that doesn't sound fun on your birthday, but Madelyn loves the dentist.  And it was Theo's first time in the chair so she was excited to show little brother how it all works.  Both had great appointments (I'll touch on that in another post). 

We came home for a quick lunch and naptime (we all needed some good rest!).  The kiddos woke up and Madelyn opened some gifts, had Face Time with Gigi and Pops, then off to Red Robin. 

We met up with the rest of Myra's family and our friends Kaleb and Tamara for a dinner celebration.  Got our free birthday burgers, mac and cheese, the waiters came and sang then we had birthday cake.

 Oh and there's more...Saturday evening we headed out to Chuck E Cheese.  My not-so-favorite place.  But, she wished to go there so off we went.  It was crazy busy!  We ate our pepperoni pizza, played games and the kids had such a fun time. 


The faces below explain how each of the kids felt about this ride.  It moved and shaked them all around.  Theo disliked it quite a bit, but it was Madelyn's favorite!  She went on it several times, laughing and giggling.  I asked Theo if he wanted to ride again..his answer..."no, no mommy!"

 After church today, Madelyn asked "So mommy, my birthday's over isn't it?" to which I responded,  "Yes, sweetie it is.  But we'll celebrate you everyday baby girl."

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