Theodore: 2 Years Old


Theodore Joseph,

There's no way you can be 2 years old!?!

We love you so much little bubby.  You add a spark to our life and are becoming such a spunky, opinionated, sweet, cuddly little boy.

-You love legos.  They'll keep you busy for quite awhile.  Unless sissy comes and destroys your towers..or the dogs run off with your lego man.  Then that brings about some not so fun crying!

-You're starting to talk and mumble a little more.  Your favorite word is "ball".  You love anything that is the shape of a ball and start screaming "balllllllll" when we come in from outside playing.  You are so upset to be take away from your beloved soccer ball outside.

-You are getting some 2 year molars in which is causing some fussiness.  Chewing on everything in sight and drool everywhere!  You've started having a few tantrums as well.  You'll throw yourself on the floor or run into the couch (on purpose) and cry.  We typically leave you alone and you get over it soon.

-Wearing size 24 month and 2T clothes, size 6 shoe and size 5 diapers.

-Weighing in at 23.2 lbs and 33 in. tall.

-Napping in the afternoon from about 1pm-3:30pm and going down at night from 7pm-8am

-Your favorite toys to sleep with are doggie, mickey and jerry your giraffe

-Still not very interested in tv or anything electronic.

-Favorite foods are bananas, pizza, noodles, anything with ranch, french fries and nutrigrain bars

-Still only drinking water and milk

-You still enjoy giving your toys to Daisy...which gets you in trouble because she chews all of them up

-Still extremely cuddly and love to be held.  You'll curl up and stick that thumb in your mouth.

Happy 2nd birthday Theo!  We LOVE you to pieces!


Anonymous said...

We love you little Theo! Happy Birthday 2 year old! You are such a sweetie. You love being held! Gigi and Pops love you so much :)

Indie Grace said...

Happy Birthday Baby Boy. Tee loves you lots.