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This past week, I had ear surgery.  Ever since Madelyn was born, I've had trouble hearing out of my right ear.  It's been painful as well.  I went to an ENT shortly after she was born.  The doctor put a tube in my right ear.  It was in for about a year and did nothing.  It just hurt...a lot.  After that, I ignored the pain and hearing loss for awhile.  It started getting worse so I looked into another doctor.  I was recommended to go to a hearing specialist in North Seattle.  He did a CT on my ear (such a good idea!) and saw I either had a cyst or scar tissue by the bones in my ear.  He said it needed to be removed ASAP and should improve my hearing and pain.  He did this procedure on Tuesday and it ended up being scar tissue.  He said I must have had an ear infection sometime during my pregnancy or shortly after with Madelyn and just didn't know it.  The pain level right now isn't too bad. I go back and see him next week so he can look at it and make sure it's healing properly.  Thank you to our family, church family and friends who have prayed for this procedure and that I would find answers.  And thanks to those who have/are bringing meals in the next week.  The anesthesia has made me pretty tired. 

And here are some pictures of the babies over the last couple weeks.  Our fun (and not so fun days..ha!) have included:  trips to the playground, playing with our neighbors, going to the zoo with Tee, molars coming in for both kids (not fun!), Madelyn filling up her reward chart and picking out a special toy, dance class, shopping and eating at Target, reading books with daddy....

Hanging out in the sunshine

Riding Landon (our neighbors) little motor bike

On a walk

At the playground

Doggies pulling the wagon

Leap pad time

Bubba watching sissy at dance

Reading before bedtime

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Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you finally found answers and resolves about your ear!!! I can't wait to get my hands on those babies soon!!!!