5K and Mother's Day


This weekend was pretty busy for us!

Friday after work, I went out with some gals from church to see the movie "Mom's Night Out".  It was really cute and fun to go out with a group of about 30 ladies.

On Saturday morning, we got up early and went down to Crista Campus in Shoreline and participated in the Free Them 5K-Fight against human trafficking.  A group from our church has been doing this for awhile, we decided to join them this year.  We had a really good time.  The kids rode in the stroller for the first 4k, then we told Madelyn she could get out and walk with Tim.  She loved it!

That night, the kids gave me their gift for Mother's Day.  We're not all together on Sunday morning since Tim has to be there crazy early so we normally celebrate on Saturday.  The kids picked out a shirt at the mall that has a superman logo and in the middle says mom.  Really cute.  They also got me a cookie cake.  They know me very well!  I wore the shirt to church yesterday morning.  Madelyn loved seeing "super mommy" (as she called me all day long) wearing the shirt she got me.  We spent some time at the playground down the street after nap time yesterday.  Such a fun day.

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Indie Grace said...

You are Super Mom. I'm in awe.
Proud to be your friend and Tee to the kiddos.