Theodore: 23 Months


Bubby boy,

You are growing so quickly.  Getting taller each day and learning new things.  We can't believe you're almost 2!

This weekend you've given us quite a scare. You developed a cough on Wednesday and it seemed to get worse on Thursday and into Friday morning. You were also having trouble breathing. Mommy had to work on Friday so daddy took you to our family doctor. They measured your oxygen levels and they were incredibly low. The ambulance came and took you to Seattle Children's Hospital.
The doctors did some breathing treatments and tests to figure out what was going on. They think it started with a cold and developed into something worse in your lungs. They told us you have asthma and colds can be much more serious because of this. We're learning how to prevent this so it won't happen again.
You're still at the hospital getting oxygen and treatments. Getting a little better and thankfully getting some sleep.
Thank you to all who have called, emailed, texted and prayed for our little bubba. And thanks to those who have watched Madelyn girl-Myra, Heather and Grandma Izzy!

And now for some stats:

-You weigh around 23.5 lbs

-You are now in size 24 months and 2T clothes and PJ's.  Wearing size 5 and 6 shoe and size 5 diapers.

-Going to sleep around 7pm at night and getting up around 8am.   Napping from around 1pm-3pm each afternoon.

-You are all over the place.  You get into EVERYTHING and are so very curious.

-You are still very into balls and anything that's round and looks like a ball.  You have a pretty good arm and love to play catch.

-Still not quite into tv shows/movies.  There's too much to do; no time for sitting still.

-Still not talking a lot.  Saying mama, dadda, ball, tickle, please, sissy.  You try to say Madelyn.  She loves when you "talk" to her.

-You continuously do everything Madelyn does.  Sometimes both of you end up in trouble because of this!

-You love going outside to swing and run around. 

-Getting so much better going into the nursery at church.  You've been fine once we leave, but now you're not even crying then!  Such a big boy!

-Your favorite foods are still banana, bread, mac and cheese, pizza, peaches, pears, mandarin oranges.  You're not a huge veggie fan and still haven't quite grasped that you won't get anything extra until you eat what's on your place.  You'll learn little boy.

-You love to dance and listen to music!  Anytime music comes on, you stop, smile and get your groove on.

-You enjoy playing your instruments and banging on your little drum.

Getting into everything!

Hanging out at Guitar Center

Silly boy!

Off you go!

Proud of yourself for getting on the couch

Smiley boy

Checkin' out the view from your playhouse (thanks again Fitch's!)


Love you Theodore!

-Mommy and Daddy

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Rae Ann said...

Can't believe you're soon to be two little Theo!! We love you so much...Pops calls you 'tiny Tim' because you look so much like your Daddy!! Love, Gigi and Pops