Happy Easter!


We had a great Easter weekend celebrating Christ-his death, burial and resurrection!  The choir and orchestra did a fantastic job this morning and Pastor William's message was spot on.  Loved it.
The kids did some egg hunting indoors yesterday.  It was rainy most of the day (who would have guessed we live in Seattle?? :).  They both loved collecting the eggs AND eating the candy.  This morning they both got little stuffed bunnies and some bubbles in their baskets.  
We tried our best to get a picture or two before the service this morning.  Some of them turned out ok :)  Theo doesn't stand still very well so he's a little blurry in one of them.

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Rae Ann said...

You all are so cute!! I'm glad you all had a good 'Ressurrection Sunday'!!!

Love you, Gigi