Visit to Georgia


Over the past several weeks, Tim, the kids and I have been visiting family down south.  We ventured down to Georgia first to see Tim's folks and family, then up to Arkansas to see my folks, family and friends.

The first flight was pretty successful.  We had a layover in Portland then 5 hours down to Georgia.  I brought lots of activities to entertain the kids.  I'll do another post on that sometime soon.  We arrived in Georgia to nice short sleeved shirt weather.  While down there we enjoyed time with lots of family. Mimi and Papa (Tim's parents), Dorothy (Tim's sister) and her husband, Brian, along with their kids Aubrey and Trevor, Amy (Tim's sister), Elizabeth (Tim's sister) and her kids Nora and Lucy, Uncle Garvin and Aunt Sally (Joe's sister) also came for a visit!

We had fun spending time with all of them, catching up, having tea parties, building a playhouse, dancing, playing in dirt, riding scooters, going to church and SONIC (for happy hour everyday :), playing on the playground and much, much more!  Thanks to all of you for coming down and spending time with us.

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