Visit to Arkansas


Make sure to read this post about our visit to Georgia before reading further :)

Next we headed up to Arkansas to visit with my family.  We had a layover in Dallas then a short 45 min. plane ride up to Ft. Smith.  This was during nap time so the kids were a little tired and grouchy.  When we got to Ft. Smith we had a little snack, gave the kids bath then to bed.

Theo had a tough time sleeping.  We found out shortly after we arrived in Ft. Smith that he had a double ear infection.  Poor kiddo.  No wonder he was so cranky.  He got on meds and started feeling a little better.  Madelyn had her ups and downs with sleep.  Most of the time she did pretty well considering she was in a couple different places.

While in Ft. Smith we saw lots of family and friends as well.  Gigi and Pops, Wade (my brother), Greg (my brother) and his son Garrett (we missed you, Crystal!), Angela (my college roommate), Jason and Derenda (high school friends) and kids Zoey and Simon, Andy (high school friend) and Christie, Steve (Tim's brother) and Angela along with their son Ian.  We also saw some friends from FBC. 

We spent lots of time playing with toys, eating yummy food, going to Sonic and Sweet Bay, shopping, catching up on tv shows and relaxing.  Tim and I were even able to catch a movie (and lots of popcorn)!  It sleeted and snowed a couple days before we left.  So glad the power didn't go out!

Thanks again for all of those who came to visit with us!  And to Gigi and Pops for taking such good care of our family.

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Megan said...

Thank you for coming to see us! We loved every minute!! Love, Gigi and Pops