Madelyn's 3rd Bday Party


When asking Madelyn what she wanted for her birthday this year, she responded "cupcakes and go to Chuck E. Cheese".  She's never been to Chuck E. Cheese before so we aren't sure where she got that from.  But, we decided to take her there.
We invited a few of our friends to join us and celebrate the birth of our baby girl.  We ate pizza, sang Happy Birthday (which she loved!), had cake, opened gifts and played some games.  This is the first year she really understood what her birthday was all about and loved every minute of it.  We topped it off by taking cupcakes to her Sunday school class today!  
This is the day before MJ's birthday.  Her Auntie Heather (Tee) took her to build a bear! She named her rainbow ballerina bunny, "fluffy" :)

The morning of her birthday!

Thanks Gigi and Pops!

Chuck E. Cheese!

Checking out the music

Eating some pizza (minus Tata and Katub)

Tee and bubba 

Grandma Izzy and the birthday girl

Birthday buddies!

Our little family

Enjoying some cake!

Present time

For those of you whose kids watch "Mickey Mouse Clubhouse", this is Toodles! Tamara made it! They watch the show on Thursdays when Tamara(Ta-Ta) babysits. Madelyn was so excited :)

Thanks Mimi and Papa! Now she can do her own check-ups

Some ski-ball :) I'm surprised Theo didn't take out any kids throwing the balls! 

Riding with Chuck E.

Boys playing guitar

Amelia and Theo :)

Jammin' with dad

Dancing with Chuck E.

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