Theodore: 15 Months


We cannot believe you're already 15 months old.  We love you so much!
-You are walking EVERYWHERE!  You love it much and get a big smile on your face when we catch a glimpse of you walking. Sometimes you'll walk right into us and fall in our laps.  Then you giggle.  It's so funny.

-You go to the doctor next week, but we're guessing you weigh between 21-22 lbs. You're getting much taller though!

-Still wearing size 12-18 month clothes and 12 month pj's. In size 4 diaper.  We're about to switch you up a size in clothes because you're getting so long.

-You absolutely adore your sister.  Wanting to do everything she does.  You will play chase in the family room with her and you'll both laugh nonstop.  Then eventually one of you falls and cries, but it's fun while it lasts!

-Going down at night around 7 and getting up around 8. Occasionally taking a morning nap for about an hour, but definitely an afternoon nap for a couple hours.

-You're eating pretty much everything we give you.  Your favorite is hands-down, bananas.  We just started giving you a spoon and fork to play around with and you're really enjoying that.  

-You have 7 teeth all the way in with molars on the way and another bottom tooth.

-You were sick a couple weekends ago.  Just a virus, but you had a fever of 102 and just wanted to sleep and cuddle all day.

-Still sucking that thumb.  Walking has helped you put it down a little more.  Here's hoping this continues!

-You are definitely all boy.  Throwing things-big or small!  Mommy calls you her little baseball player. You get into everything. Definitely the opposite of your dainty big sister.

-You're starting to talk a little bit.  Saying dadda, ball, momma, yum-yum and a few other words we can't catch.  Your sister interprets for you though. 

-Mommy and Daddy


Indie Grace said...

I love our Bubby and his thumb-sucking!

Rae Ann said...

Our little Theo is 15 months old! You're growing up way too fast for Gigi and Pops. We love you little fellow! We're sending a big hug and kiss your way... You're such a joy to us!!! You'll always be our 'first' grandson :) Gigi and Pops