MJ's First Christmas


Our Christmas this year was wonderful!  Since we had a Christmas Eve service on Saturday night and a Sunday morning service on Sunday morning, we had Madelyn open her gifts on Saturday morning.  She loved the paper...and of course the gifts inside.  But the wrapping and tissue paper was a big hit. 

Checkin out the gifts

Loving her new music toy (we call it her baby ipod)

A new music walker from Aunt Tina and Uncle John

Her new dolly from Aunt Val and Aunt Amy

Cool blocks from Gigi and Pops!

The doggies also enjoyed our Saturday morning with some new bones (we call them bone-bones...everything is said twice with them for some reason, ha!)

We went to Shari's Restaraunt for our Christmas Eve dinner before we headed to setup at the church for the service. 

The Christmas Eve service went really well and was a great time to celebrate Christ's birth.  I was able to sing on the praise team and we were blessed to have our Missional Pastor's wife and daughter to watch Madelyn so both Tim and I could be involved. 

After the service we drove around to look at lights and then ate some pie (that we got at Shari's) for dessert.  Love marionberry pie! Yum!

Sunday morning we got up and headed to setup for the service that morning.  I was able to sing on praise team again and started out the service singing a solo-the song "All is Well".  I absolutely love that song.
We relaxed for a little when we got home, then headed to Izzy and Tom's house for dinner.  They are so nice to invite us to holiday gatherings with their family.  We absolutely love spending time with them.  We had a fantastic dinner and the kids do a birthday cake for Jesus every year.  Madelyn was able to take part it in this year.  She was mesmorized by the candles.  I don't have a picture of this yet, but will hopefully get one soon.

I'll have some more pictures of Christmas evening to post once I get them from Izzy's daughter in law.  Hopefully next week.

Hope you all had a Merry Christmas!


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Rae Ann said...

Looks like you all had a wonderful Christmas! We missed you!!!! I am so glad Tom and Izzy are 'adopting' you all as part of their family:) You have such a wonderful church family!! We are so thankful to them since your families live so far away. (I would have loved to have heard you sing "It is well"...I know it was very pretty)

Love you all, Gigi and Pops