18 Weeks


On Christmas Day I was 18 weeks along.  My sickness and fatigue have definitely gotten better.  I've been sleeping about 9 hours a night....but that's really not too different for me.  I love my sleep! =)
Craving fruits, veggies and dark chocolate almonds (which I am currently eating!).  I haven't had my pickle/orange juice at night combo yet like I did last time around.  I'm sure it'll come soon though.  I'm able to drink coffee again without it making me want to vomit...so that's nice....especially for those of you who know how much I LOVE coffee!!
We find out in a couple weeks what baby b is.  Cannot wait!

18 Weeks


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Rae Ann said...

I loved your Christmas pictures. You looked real cute in your 18 week picture.
It looks like you and your family had a really nice Christmas. That's great.
Keep the pictures coming.

(Just so you will know, I typed this myself!)