Theodore: 6 1/2 Years Old


Theodore Joseph,

Today you turned 6 1/2.  You've been talking about this day for the past month.  Thinking of what you want to do on your half birthday, knowing it's time to celebrate you.  We love celebrating you any chance we get. 

You started Kindergarten in August and are doing extremely well.  Reading like a champ, doing well behaviorally, encouraging your friends and are just the sweetest thing.  We love coming to school and seeing you in action.  Your friends all love you and know they can come to you for help. Proud of you buddy.

You continued gymnastics this fall, but also started back in soccer.  Our neighbor, Mrs. Angi, was Madelyn and your coach.  You do better and better with each season.

For your half birthday, we headed to your pick, Pizza Inn.  You don't really enjoy pizza so we were surprised you wanted to go there, but you ate a couple small slices and played games.

You weigh 44.2 lbs and are 45.2 in. tall

Currently in size 6t shirts and 5/6t pants.  Size 13/1 shoes.

Your favorite foods are nachos, anything with cheese, fruit, bread and anything sweet.

Going to sleep at night around 7pm and waking up for school at 6:30am.  You hop right out of bed and are just the happiest kid.

Some of your favorite activities are Kindergarten, gymnastics, soccer, reading and crafting.

We just love you to pieces.  You are the most kind hearted little boy and we are extremely proud of the young man you're becoming.







We Love You!

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