November Wrap Up


November has flown by.  It's definitely gotten colder around here.  I'm loving this sweater and boots weather.  A month of thankfulness and just so much to be thankful for.  So grateful for this life that Christ has given me.

Near the beginning of the month, I flew to Missouri to see my good friend Brandy and her little family.  She has a 14 month old, Caroline, and newborn, Victoria.  Just loved squeezing those kids and getting to know them and their sweet personalities.  Got to see mom too!

Talking with Madelyn and Theo on Facetime

The kids are doing extremely well in school.  They both look forward to going every day.  Hoping this continues!  Theo is picking up on reading and sitting down to read for enjoyment.  I didn't start reading for enjoyment until after college so I'm glad they're starting earlier than I did!

The weekend before Thanksgiving, we went to a tree lighting in town.  They had a petting zoo, ornament making, food and music.  It sure was cold, but we had a fun night!

Put up and decorated our tree

Starbucks and Chick-fil-a run after some good dentist appointments

Wendy's Night at School

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