Madelyn: 7 1/2 Years Old



You are 7 1/2 years old today!  You are growing and maturing so much each day.  To celebrate your half birthday, we went to Pizza Inn for dinner.  You love a good pizza buffet!  Your personality is developing into your own little person.  You certainly have your own ideas of what you want and how you want to do it.  We work hard with you to be flexible because some things don't always go how you want them to.  You're slowly realizing that.  We just can't believe how old you're getting and love you so much.

You weigh 50 lbs and 47.5 in tall

Currently in size 7t tops, pants and dresses.  Size 13/1 shoes.  Your newest clothing idea is having a different outfit theme each week.  This week is dresses.  Just love you sweet girl.

Your favorite food is still pizza. 

Going to sleep at night around 7pm, some days earlier when it's been a long day at school

Some of your favorite activities are dancing, swimming, bike riding, soccer, jumping on the trampoline, the library, playing with your brother and watching over him at school, coloring, homework and playing with friends.

One of your favorite things is reading.  You typically have your head in a book.  Just love this about you!

You have been in 2nd grade for about a month and a half.  Just loving your teacher, new and old friends and everything about school.  You look forward to going every day.
Going to gymnastics each week and trying your hardest.  We love watching you learn new skills.

You are also playing fall soccer.  You're very competitive and love winning, but are also learning encouragement, team work and good sportsmanship.  Theo also playing on your team along with your friends Baylee and Brody.

We're so proud of you and love watching you grow and develop each day.







Love you big girl!

Mommy & Daddy

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