Theo's Birthday!


A few pictures from Theo's birthday.  Started out with some birthday balloons and cinnamon roll!  Then we headed to Krispy Kreme for a donut celebration (yes, more sugar!!).  Madelyn had a good report card again (all the praise hands!) so he wanted to go celebrate her accomplishments on his birthday.  Such a sweet boy.  He loves his sister so much. 

Then we came home and he opened some presents.  First was a sleeping bag from us, then a DRUMSET from Mimi and Papa (I okay'd it).  Gigi and Pops got him a Kindle that he is loving too!  MJ got one for her bday and he'd been eyeing and asking for one as well.

After putting together and playing with his drumset, we headed to one of his favorite's, Salsaritas.

 Such a fun day celebrating our little boy! 

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