Theodore: 5 Years Old


Dear little boy,

You are FIVE years old! A whole hand!! You have been so excited about your birthday this year.  Counting down the days.  We love to see your excitement!!

This year has been a rough one for you, behaviorally.  Still learning boundaries and that mom and dad's no means no.  But you are slowly getting better.  Praying for patience all around.

You will do absolutely anything for your sister.  We LOVE seeing this kiddo.
We love you so much bubba and are proud of you!

You weigh 34 lbs and are 40.75 in tall

Currently in size 5t tops and 4t pants.  Size 11/12 shoes (same size as sis!).

Your favorite foods are cheese, cheese and did I say, cheese?  Also anything sweet, veggie straws, chicken nuggets, waffle fries and fruit.  Still a pretty picky eater.
Going to sleep at night around 7pm.  You'll occasionally nap in afternoon.

Some of your favorite activities are preschool, swimming, bike riding, soccer, jumping on the trampoline, eating, playing with your sister, coloring and cutting paper, and playing with friends.

You just completed preschool young 4 class and will go to Pre-K next year at the same school.  You had a great year and are excited about the fall!

Taking soccer this spring/summer season with a practice once a week then a game each Saturday.

You're looking forward to some fun summer activities - VBS, the beach, visiting family, spray parks, Mrs. Robin's pool and movies!

Love you buddy!








Mommy and Daddy

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Indie Grace said...

Tee is so late wishing you Happy Birthday, Bubba, but I hope you had a fun, fun day. You are my favoritest boy and I miss eating cake and opening presents with you. Love you lots!