Spring Break Trip


For spring break this year, we decided to go back to our ole college stomping grounds to see some friends and professors, then down to Arkansas to visit family and more friends.  Such a good trip, but definitely lots of driving!  The kids were troopers and did really well.

First up, Superman stop!

Next up, Springfield & Bolivar

Visiting SBU & Dr. Hicks

and Becky!

We also saw our good friends Matt and Brandy, then headed to the church where our friend lead's worship.  After that, caught up with Tim's old roommate, Wes!

Then we drove down to Arkansas to see my family, Tim's grandma and a couple other college friends.
Ball with Pops!

time with Uncle G, Aunt Crystal, Garrett & Ben

Stopped in to see Ang!


Visiting Berrik & Rachel

Thanks to all who took time to meet up with us!

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Anonymous said...

We LOVED every minute of it !!!! Gigi��❤