Goodbye February!


I blinked and February was over!  I know it's a short month and all, but whew, it went fast.  Here are some highlights of our month:

Tim turned 34.  We celebrated with a few friends at one of his favorite Mexican restaurants.  And of course, had ice cream cake!

Took the kids to Gatti's Pizza to treat Theo for a good conference with his teachers

Several birthday parties at "The Muse" this month.  Such a fun place.  Pretty much just a big playroom!

This girl has taken off on her reading.  I'll post a video soon. 

Day off of school so took the kids to Chick-fil-a to play...before running errands with mom

Sissies turn to pick a treat place for a good conference with her teacher!  Off to Panera we went!
 She looks so old.

One of our local schools had a fundraiser gala last weekend.  We went with our new student pastor and his wife.  It was a lot of fun!

I got this picture from MJ's teacher earlier this week.  She is so good with the kids and has a ton of energy!

This month was also filled with some sickness, almost a week off school because the flu and stomach bug were spreading through the schools...thankful for built in snow days so we don't have to go extra, Valentine's Date night at the church which was a lot of fun, lots of birthday parties, date nights, girls nights and babysat little boy a lot too.  Short, but full month!  Here's to March and baby girl's birthday...cannot believe she'll be 6.

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Anonymous said...

Gigi and Pops babies are growing up too fast!!! They are the cutest kiddos ever!!!