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It has been such a fun summer.  Between swimming in a pool, splash pads, slip n slide, sprinkler, water table, and the lake, we've done something involving water at least 3 times each week.  Which means having to buy everyone new swimsuits!  It is hot.  And I hear it gets even hotter.  The humidity and bugs definitely aren't as bad as Arkansas, but it sure is hotter than Washington State.  But that means we get to do more involving water.  Madelyn is all about it.  She'll swim and swim and swim in the pool.  Jumping in with no fear.  Theo splashes around, but isn't as brave yet.  Except when I went cliff jumping a few weeks ago, he said he wants to join me next time.  We'll see buddy boy.


The kids started swim lessons last week.  They both did really well.  Listened well and I can tell Theo is already started to semi enjoy getting his face in the water a little more.  I didn't take pictures last week, but I'll make sure to do it at this week's lesson. 

Madelyn's new thing when shopping is taking pictures next to the mannequin's.   She'll pose and say, "Mommy can you take my picture?"

We've also taken in some of the free movies at our local theater.  Last week was "Finding Nemo"

We've also had some lazy days.  The kids like to cuddle on the recliner.  Make my heart happy.

Saturday we went to the lake again with some friends.  I could go there everyday.  It is so relaxing. Thanks Jada and Eddie for inviting us!! 

Yesterday, we headed to a water park with some friends.  There was a splash pad, pool and slide!  Madelyn was upset she wasn't tall enough to go down the slide yet.  Maybe next year girlie.  The kids had fun splashing around, Madelyn was excited about the pool being shallow enough for her not to wear her puddle jumper.  Got lots of sun!

 this is the only pic I got

We're loving summertime!

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Indie Grace said...

Stop growing, already. My babies are gonna be full-blown adults before I get to see them again. Look at Baby Girl all sidled up to that mannequin, holding its hand. They've always kinda freaked me out. You wouldn't catch me touching one! What a girl.
Miss my McCartys.
Love you.