Lake Time


Last weekend, several friends invited us out to the lake.  I used to go in the summer as a kid and loved it.  The water, sun, time with so fun.  We went out Friday with our pastor and his wife along with 2 other couples.  Then on Monday with another family we've gotten to know.  Such sweet friends to invite us out.  This was Madelyn and Theo's first time on a boat and they sure loved it.  The lake is only about 20-30 minutes north of us.  

Once the boat started, this is how they stood until we stopped at a swimming spot.  Kept looking up and smiling.  Glad my kids are lake lovers.

smiles with mom and dad

Madelyn had so much fun just swimming in the water.  She would swim and swim until we told her it was time to do something else.  Theo would sit on the tube the whole time.  Get in the water every once and awhile, but little boy was content sitting there with his water gun squirting people. They both also really enjoyed tubing.  

On Friday, a few of us went cliff jumping.  Such a rush.  Maybe I'll do a cannonball off the ledge next time.

Paddleboarding with Miss Rachel


Lunch time

The kids were so worn out.  On Friday Madelyn said, "If I fall asleep, please don't wake me up."  First time I've heard her say that!

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