Weekend Wrap Up


I haven't posted in a couple weeks...sorry about that!  Things are going well with us.  We've been busy as I'm sure everyone is these days.  I signed the kids up for teeball!  They don't start until the end of March, but it should be a fun.  A friend from church is going to be team mom with me and share the responsibilities.  Her husband is coaching the team.  I'll be sure and post pics and video :) 

This weekend, we hung up a few more pictures, went to a birthday party and visited a nursing home close to church to hand out valentine's.  Yesterday morning a friend from Nashville that we've gotten to know, Tanya Godsey, came to our church to share some of her music.  We met her while she was up in Seattle doing a few concerts.  She is one of the nicest people I've met and has such a kind heart.  Tanya was suppose to do music for a big chili cookoff Salem has every year, but due to incoming snow, we had to postpone.  So she did music in the morning along with some of our vocalists.  She's planning to come back next Sunday night. 

So we spent Valentine's Day night hanging out with our kiddos and eating chili I made for the cook off.  Fun night with my loves!

MJ picked out her own outfit

with our friend Betty

on my way to MOPS with the cup I stole from Tom and Izzy's house...oops!!

hanging pics

yoga with some friends

Friday night swimming

decorating cookies with new friends at the nursing home

doing some dancing on this rainy morning

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Indie Grace said...

Love, love, love. So glad u are making friends and keeping active in the community. Miss you guys. Can't wait to see you M. Give my babies a big tight squeeze from Tee.