Tim's 33


Today is this guy's 33rd bday.....

He got spoiled at work with cupcakes at staff meeting and lunch with Pastor Allen and Pastor Trey....

Then came home and we went to the Sunsphere in downtown Knoxville by UT.  The kids have a book called "A to Z in East Tennessee" and it talks about the Sunsphere  They were so excited to go see it!

After our visit to the Sunsphere, we went down to Market Square to eat dinner.  It's an area of town with cute shops and normally a fountain that runs during summer.  We ended up eating at "The Tomato Head".  It was really yummy.

To end off the night, we came home and had some ice cream cake.  The kids decorated the cake and loved it (as you can tell :)!!

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Indie Grace said...

I love this family so much it hurts my heart. Who cries through a song of 'Happy Birthday'? Ummm... ME. Miss you all. Happy belated birthday, Awesome-Daddy-of-the-Year.