Weekly Roundup


Well, here we are...Saturday night.  Tim is with a group of guys at a Monster Truck Rally.  Never thought I'd hear myself say that.  I told him I would go if he didn't to...maybe next time!  Hopefully he'll take some video.  We had a good week.  Still settling in and unpacking...slowly unpacking.  We grabbed some storage shelves for the garage so that will help get some boxes up and off the ground at least!  Still working on finding a dining table and hutch to put some dishes in.

Salem had a welcome reception for us last Sunday night.  It was really nice.  This week the kids had preschool, team kid, dance class, kids choir at Salem and then we went out and about checking out the town on their days off.  I had my first MOPS meeting this week at a church in the community.  It's a smaller group than the one I was previously in, but it's easier to get to know everyone this way.  Today we went to a new friend's birthday party at a trampoline/jump around place close to our house.  The kids LOVED it!

silly bubba coloring

putting together our kids area in the kitchen

Disney themed night at Team Kid

momma and mickey

milkshakes at Chick-fil-a

 in her new shirt from Miss Nova

Dance class!

eating lunch

first day of preschool (last week)

in his new (and still in the works) kid area downstairs

mexican food!

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