Snow Day


Today marks our first "snow day" in Knoxville.  The weather channel predicted that it would start this morning and what do you know, it did.  A friend posted on fb last night that school was canceled for Wednesday already.  What??  This is new.  So I went to the school website and ,what do you know, since snow was in the forecast for the next morning they decided to close school.  In both Arkansas and Seattle, if school was canceled, it didn't happen until the morning of.  When it was definitely sticking and slick enough not to drive.  I remember one time when my brother and I were in high school and it was definitely snowing in the morning, but they didn't cancel school because it wasn't bad enough.  Halfway through the day they decided to let us out early because it was snowing even harder.  It took us HOURS to get back to the house and was definitely not safe to drive in.  Same thing happened when I was working at the school district in Seattle. Knoxville - smart move on canceling early.  I went back to look at their school calendar and they have 10 built in snow days before they add days onto the end of school.

The kids knew they might wake up to snow so they were soo excited when they looked out the window this morning.  We ate breakfast then they headed outside to play.  They made snow angels, tried building Olaf and went sledding.  Then it was time to thaw out and have some hot chocolate...and watch Frozen :)  After rest time we're planning to make some snow ice cream, yum!  The buckets are out and overflowing already. 

crazy Daisy checking it out

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Anonymous said...

Fun times!!!! Yes....I remember when you all had to
drive home from school in the snow too!!!