Since this is “Tim and Megan’s” blog, I thought I (Tim) should actually write an update on here as well.  We are in the middle of several transitions right now.  The biggest one is that we are pursuing adoption.  Megan and I both feel strongly led to adopt two more children.  Because of the great need in the foster care system, we are leaning toward adopting from foster care.  We have already gone through several of the training classes.  However, we have come to a road block that we need to cross before we can continue with the paperwork and home studies.  We do not feel our current house is big enough for two more kids.  We moved into our house when it was just me and Megan.  Then, we filled it up with Madelyn and Theo.  So, as of this week, our house is now on the market.  Our realtor is expecting it to sell very quickly and hopefully at a great price.  We plan to stay in a good friend’s rental property for the summer while we look for a new place.  The selling side should be quick and easy, it’s finding/buying a bigger place that will be much more challenging.  The Seattle housing market is REALLY hot right now.

This brings very mixed emotions for us.  We are thrilled about taking a step in the right direction to be able to pursue adoption.  However, it’s also very weird to see a “for sale” sign in our front yard when we’ve built so many memories in our house and in our neighborhood.

Our church is continuing to go through big transitions as well.  In February, we said goodbye to our interim pastor and welcomed in our new senior pastor.  There is a lot of restructuring going on in many areas of the church.  Many of them are great and well-needed while others are very hard.  The hardest one is the recent resignation of our associate pastor.  He is a great friend of mine and has been for the last 8 years of ministering together at Edgewood.  His last day in the office is May 15 and he will be greatly missed.

In a lot of ways, Megan and I feel like God is preparing us to be a part of something amazing.  There are many unknowns to the housing and church situations.  For both of us who like to plan every detail and know exactly what’s ahead, these are big areas of stretching for us.  But, I also believe these times are helping us grow and develop our faith and trust in God.  We’d appreciate your prayers as we work through these times of transition.  We have no idea what He has in store for the next few months and years, but we want to continue to follow His direction each step of the way.

  Tim and


Rae Ann said...

Praying for you!

Indie Grace said...

Praying for my amazing "family" as you trust God during this time of uncertainty. "The will of God won't lead you where the grace of God can't keep you, you will never be out of his care. Remember that the Lord's already there..." (a song by the Martins that I've been singing a lot during my own time of transition). Love you guys.