Theodore: 3 Years Old


Our Theo boy,

You are 3 years old today!

Such a sweet, kind, gentle boy.  You are so giving and loving.  We love you so much little bubba.

Here are some of your 3 year stats:

You weigh 28 lbs. and are 35 in. tall

You are potty trained!  We started training you in January and you took to it very fast.  You are now only wearing undies.  Such a big boy.

Wear size 2T pants, 3T shirts, 8 shoe, 3T PJ's

Your favorite foods are cheese, bread, veggie sticks, popcorn, fruit, cheese rollups, french fries and salsa.  You LOVE chips and salsa!

Go down around 7pm at night and up at 8am.  You sleep with your doggie "ruff ruff", mickey, puzzle blanket and mickey blanket.  If they're not all in your bed, sleep doesn't happen.  You also nap each afternoon from around 1pm-3pm or longer

Your asthma symptoms seem to be under control for the most part.  We give you flovent through an inhaler every morning and albuterol when needed.  This past weekend you've been struggling a little bit.  Today seems better.  You see an asthma specialist every few months to get checked out.

You talk nonstop and really fast.  Especially when sis isn't around.  You'll repeat words/phrases over and over until we understand what you're saying.  So patient with us!

Some of your favorite shows are Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood, Doc McStuffins and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.  You'll sit there with a blankie, thumb in your mouth and watch.

We started you in soccer last summer and put you back in a couple months ago.  You're pretty good at dribbling the ball and love "goal time".  You also love every sport that has a ball in it! 

You're favorite songs are daddy's song "Forever Reign", mommy's song "There's Something about that Name", Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, Jesus Loves me and "the ball song" we made up.

Some of your favorite activities are legos, trains, swinging, playing with sis, playing with your letter board, reading books and cuddling.

You follow sis around everywhere she goes and love her so much.  You will give her anything she wants and are so sweet to her. 

We are so in love with you baby boy. 

-Mommy and Daddy


Rae Ann said...

Happy Birthday sweet Theo!! We can't believe you're already 3 years old!! You are growing up too fast for Gigi and Pops! Wish we could see you more often:) but at least we can see you in the iPad!!!!.....we love you more than you will ever know Theodore....Happy Birthday! Gigi and Pops

Indie Grace said...

I love you Baby Boy. You and Sissy have brought Tee more joy than you will ever know. Thank you for the cuddles, kisses, giggles and bedtime snuggles. I love you to the moon and back.