Merry Christmas!


We stayed home again this year for Christmas.  Since Tim has to stay up at church most of the night on Christmas Eve, we started a new tradition of having lunch together at Shari's.  The kids and I love breakfast food and Tim likes lunch/dinner so it was a win-win for all.  After lunch, the kids and I headed home and Tim headed to church to get setup for the Christmas Eve services.  The kids and I went to the 5:30 service then headed home to get them to bed. 

We all got up around 8 this morning, opened stockings, had breakfast, read the Christmas story, then opened gifts.  The kids are playing with their gifts, Tim's asleep on the couch and I'm :), and drinking coffee of course! 

Theo and Madelyn have been sick most of the week and now it's hit Tim and myself.  Hoping it gets better before we leave for our anniversary trip next week.  Even if it doesn't, we'll still go! :)  Just happy the kids are finally (I think) on the mend!

Tonight we're headed to Grandma Izzy and Grandpa Tom's house for Christmas dinner along with the rest of their family.  Should be a fun time with some yummy food!

Merry Christmas to all!


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Rae Ann said...

Merry Christmas! Thanks for sharing the pictures you all, Gigi and Pops