Madelyn's Dance Recital and Christmas Dessert


This past weekend was crazy busy!  We had our Christmas Dessert at our church Fri, Sat and Sun nights and also Madelyn's dance recital...and normal services on Sunday morning.

The dessert went great!  It was our first year doing it and we didn't know what to expect.  I really enjoyed sitting with the friends we invited and actually being able to chat with them during the program.  I was also able to serve food one night which was a lot of fun.  Thanks to those who came out!

Madelyn's dance recital was also on Saturday.  When I dropped her off with the chaperon, she wasn't so sure what to think.  She eventually calmed down and sat with the other girls.  Her routine was first.  Tim and I weren't sure what to expect...didn't know if she would actually dance.  But she did!  It was really cute.  We took video on the real camera.  Hopefully I'll get it on here eventually :).  For are a few pictures I snapped before the camera batteries died (note to self - put extra batteries in the bag)

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Anonymous said...

Cute! Cute! Glad the dessert went well....great idea :)